About Movable Type Installation

This service is offered by Mihai Bocsaru, web developer since 1997 and daily movable type consultant since 2002, through his consulting company called "PRO IT Service SRL".

Over the last 21 years Mihai worked on hundreds of projects, some of them requiring the movable type installation service.

Mihai gained a very strong experience installing this publishing platform on various servers, getting to know the key strengts and weaknesses behind most of the major hosting providers worldwide.

Given his experience, Mihai proved to be an excellent support resource providing advice on the movable type forums to those having problems installing movable type on their servers.

Why movable type installation?

This service is meant for those that don't have enough technical knowledge to install movable type themselves, or those that would prefer to hire a professional to get movable type installed and properly configured for their publishing needs.

Don't spend your time reading the movable type installation documentation or trying to troubleshoot what prevents your movable type installation from running properly. I'm available to get this responsibility from your shoulders so that you could focus on creating valuable online content.

Ready for contracting the movable type installation service?

Order the relevant package and I would be delighted to get movable type installed for you.

To your success,
Mihai Bocsaru


  • Installing
    Movable Type
    (most cases)

    100 USD

  • Installing
    Movable Type
    (large organizations)

    300 USD

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