Movable Type Installation Service

Installing Movable Type on your server

If you’re looking to install movable type on your server, you should know that you’ve reached a movable type consulting provider with over 21 years of experience on doing this service.

In case you don’t have a server yet, we would be glad to either host you ourselves or to propose you alternative hosting providers for an excellent hosting experience.

Why to choose Movable Type?

You should consider installing and using movable type because it is a very robust and scalable solution which comes with a unique feature called static publishing which means that pages aren’t generated on the fly by inquiring the database behind the project, but that each and every page is physically created on the server and would function no matter if the database is in service or not.

This unique feature is making movable type very appreciated and it assures that your website would load faster and would never display error messages (i.e. that there are too many mysql connections opened or that your data is not available).

The static publishing feature is an assurance that as long as your hosting server is up your website would be available to your audience in perfect shape and at maximum loading speed.

Worth mentioning is that this feature would allow you to put your website on any medium and go everywhere you want with your website files (i.e. memory stick, DVD, external hard drive etc.).

The movable type installation service

This service covers the following aspects:

  • Checking your server environment and making sure that it matches the movable type system requirements;
  • Installing movable type v6.8.7 or v7.9.5;
  • Creating a parent website and a child blog;
  • Giving you admin access to the movable type installation backend;
  • Providing you details about the movable type v6.x architecture which involves parent websites and child blogs and a quick overview about the template sets available.

Service Availability

This service is available every day in between 4 AM - 8 PM EST, including weekends and holidays. You will get your movable type installation up and running within a few hours from your purchase.

How much does it cost?

Installing the movable type publishing platform costs 100 USD for movable type professional and 300 USD for movable type advanced.

The installation service is payable via various payment solutions, among them: paypal, skrill, wire transfer, checks and other.

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Understanding Movable Type Versions Differences

You should know that movable type is available in two different versions, as follows:

1. Movable Type Pro (v6.x or v7.x)

Comparing to the movable type 5 open source version (movable type 6 doesn't have an open source option), movable type 6 professional comes with two more packages called "Community Pack" and "Professional Pack".

What are these two packages offering?

The most important features that they are offering is the ability to create custom fields for a series of objects (entry, page, comment, asset, audio, video, image, category, folder, template, blog, website and user) as well as the ability to build an online community on your website where users could: register, sign in, have a profile, follow and be followed by other users in your website community.

These two extra packages extend the default template sets with a more evolved website theme called "professional website", as well as a three more evolved children blog themes called "professional blog" (a more evolved blog), "community blog" (a more evolved blog with community features) and "community forum" (a kind of community blog, but with the look and feel of a forum where users could start topics and other users could reply to them).

You could use this version to run as many websites and children blogs as you need. You could also upgrade to this version from movable type open source if you’ve already started with movable type open source and you would like to evolve to movable type professional.

Since May 29th, 2018, Six Apart launched Movable Type v7. This series is so evolved that we could say it is a completely new product. The "Community Pack" mentioned above for movable type v6.x is no longer part of Movable Type 7, but its features-set is worth considering it.

1.1. MovableType Pro Free Version

This version is available as a free product for individual bloggers and pre-k to 12 educational institutions, as well as a licensed product for businesses from small to medium business, to media and publishers or design and development firms.

1.2. MovableType Pro Licensed Version

The cost of the movable type 6.x or v7.x pro license for businesses is $499 / year and is not limited to a specific number of movable type users.

2. Movable Type Advanced (v6.x or v7.x)

Known also as movable type enterprise, this version is suitable for media companies and publishers or higher education institutions and it comes with full support for integration with Oracle and SQL server databases, group management and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Which version is the right one for me?

You will have to answer this question yourself. Only large organizations with very complex projects and a large amount of data require the Advanced version, therefore I would say that most users could start with movable type professional.

Movable Type Demo

You may like to take a look at the movable type publishing platform before deciding to install it on your own server. We’re pretty confident that you would love it!

Mihai Bocsaru, movable type guru since 2002, made available an absolutely free online service where you could login to the latest movable type version, as well as the latest version from the product previous series (v1x, v2x, v3x, v4x, v5x, v6x).

Go ahead and give it a try at:

Order now

If you took the time to check my movable type demo initiative, I’m pretty confident that you’ve started to like it and I would be pleased to install it for you.

Feel free to order the movable type installation package that best suits your needs.

  • Installing
    Movable Type
    (most cases)

    100 USD

  • Installing
    Movable Type
    (large organizations)

    300 USD

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